Afghan Transit Trade

Afghan Transit Trade

Afghanistan being a landlocked Country has common borders with “Iran” in the East, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan in the North and Pakistan towards the South. Although, different Options of “Transit Trade” through the above Countries are available, however, transit passage through Pakistan, is considered to be the safest thus most favorite and economical option. Presently, a major volume of “Afghanistan Re-construction Material” is arriving at Karachi Ports that pass through Pakistan’s Seaports, which are strategically located in the hub of the Asian Region.

There are two types of cargo for Afghan Transit Trade that is commercial & Non-Commercial. The Non-Commercial Cargo has its subsidiary branches that are diplomatic, UN, INGO, ISAF, NATO and US Cargo that are Tax Exempted in Pakistan & Afghanistan. We being in RCA have very Skilled & Professional staff that Perform the above Operation in the most Sophisticated way which is Key to our services to satisfy our Clients.

RGC has been in Afghanistan since 2009 to provide Clearance and Transportation Services to our customers. It plays a leading role in our door-to-door services even in Afghanistan. The idea to launch this office was to facilitate our customers in the most complex Customs of Asia that fluctuate their procedures more often and create complications for the international customers but our staff having a close eye on the procedures and having the best resources keep our services beneficial all the time in any situation. We deal in Diplomatic offices as well for our Tax Exempted customers who normally stuck for months in the simple process.

We have the honor of handling more than 30,000 commercial & Non Commercial shipments till now.

Afghanistan’s key Destinations and its Approximate Distances from Karachi:

Karachi to Peshawar

Jalalabad via Peshawar

Kabul via Peshawar

Bagram via Peshawar

Mizar Sharif via Peshawar

Kandhar via Chaman

Helmand via Chaman

Herat via Chaman

1728 KM

1858 KM

2019 KM

2069 KM

2445 KM

917 KM

1164 KM

1493 KM

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