Business Development Center

Business Development Center

RGC has been operating in the customs brokerage business/freight forwarding business since 1981. For over 35 years we have been a closely held family company. We have maintained an excellent relationship with our customers by serving excellently over the years as well as other regulatory and enforcement agencies. We look forward to continuing to serve the trade community and navigate the new regulatory environment that has arisen in response to the security threats presented in recent years. Our offices are located within the major cities of Pakistan. We are licensed Customs Brokers/Freight Forwarders and logistic service providers. Our office is fully equipped to produce full documentation on your inbound & outbound shipments.

Our focus on compliance with customs regulations helps to reduce cargo delays and costs associated with those delays. RGC has the experience to increase your compliance rates with Customs. Although this is the smallest part of the journey it is the most important “what if” factor facing your shipments. You should put your trust in a company with over thirty years of experience in solving customs problems and helping you meets your deadlines.

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General Manager

Rehbar House, 7/12, 1D1 Johar street Saddar Road, Peshawar Cantt.
Phone: 091-5284261
Mobile: 0301-8594447